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1. I            fine, thank you.

2. Who        that boy?
3. Where            my shoes?

4. It        a nice cat.

5. My            exercise books  in the schoolbag.

6. This             John. 

7. Bob          not here today.

8. Carol,          this your bike?

9. We       in the classroom. 

10. How         you today?

11. Where          my brother?

12. How old       you?

13. I think you        tired. 

14. I think his pen       black.

15. It        green.
1. I  fine, thank you.

2. Who  that boy?

3. Where  my shoes?

4. It  a nice cat.

5. My exercise books  in the schoolbag.

6. This               John. 

7. Bob            not here today.

8. Carol,               this your bike?

9. We               in the classroom. 

10. How               you today?

11. Where              my brother?

12. How old                      you?

13. I think you                       tired. 

14. I think his pen                black.

15. It                        green.

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